Mounting Options


We are a direct seller of high quality LED signs. Whether you need full video capabilities or simple text scrolling, we have the screen that will work best for your company and budget. We are the only in-house electrically certified sign company in Southwest Wyoming! This means that we are qualified to build, repair and install LED's without the middle man. We are certified to work on all major LED types and yes even though we didn't sell it to you we will do repairs on your existing LED sign!

Not all screens are created equal! Screens come in many resolutions and capabilities. Some screens work great for close viewing while other are best at a distance. Higher resolutions are not always the answer. A lower resolution at a distance may look nicer than some of the highest resolution screens on the market.  We work to get you the right sign for your companies needs. Types of LED signs that we sell:

  • Single Color Red Scrolling Signs
  • Tri-Color (Red, Green, Yellow) Scrolling Signs
  • Full Color High Quality LED'S

Screen Types

HDU Monument With Channel Letters and P10 LED

There are many ways to mount your new LED. These are just a few of the options:

  • Pole Mount
  • Rock Monuments
  • HDU Monuments - (Our Favorite!) 
  • Pillars
  • Direct on Building Sides
  • Trailer